Divine Mother and The Rose

Sanctuary of the White Rose

The heart of the Divine Mother is always within our hearts.  It is She who gives us life and our first cry reaches out to her to hold and support us in our new world experience.  So many times in our daily life, we forget her existence, yet when we are faced with challenges or fears we call to her to hold and support us thru these.  Her love is expansive and unconditonal, no matter what path we take.  Many times she projects her love thru a symbolic form, such as the rose to let us know she is there in our hearts always.  For me, the rose is her calling card.    Remeber Me, child it calls.

symbol of the white rose.  i view it as our higher self–each unfolding petal is a journey aspect or the colors reflect our soul ray.  from seed to anchoring in the soil/planet we are given…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.