Solutions for Lightworker Harmony | Recreating Balance

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Solutions for Lightworker Harmony
| Recreating Balance

As spiritual movements have often focused in recent years on outer information (the cabal, the dark forces, the Event, the Light forces), many people have missed the actual purpose of these informations and have forgotten the importance of their inner work. Our purpose in learning about outer information is to find the active role we have in the story, not to become stuck as spectators, or victims, or judges. We are still and always will be creators of our reality.

As people learn about the dark state of this planet, the matrix occupation of Earth energy field, people realize the negativity in the average reality on Earth, and may experience attacks, interference, personal negative situations. To react to this negativity by simply blaming the dark or others, and leave it at that, is not helpful and not a complete…

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