Your Purpose is to Embrace Your Own Soul & BE PURE LIGHT ~ May 18, 2018


We are in a huge “Transitory Phase” – May is important to prepare all for what we move into (vibrationally) next…
Aloha Beautiful Awakening and Multi-Dimensional Light BEings,

Take a breath and slow down, be present and FEEL, connecting from DEEEEEEP inside, that knowing, that peace, that beauty that’s available when you do. Yes, there may be “other feelings” that need to come up and clear/cleanse… and it’s important to honor these any time they present/emerge, because they assist your heart with opening more, with your body tuning to a much higher vibration than before, your cellular body cleansing karmic/unconscious programming and clear your akash (living records), and their conscious release raise your body’s vibration so that you can REMEMBER again.

This journey REQUIRES your FULL PRESENCE and ATTENTION in order for us to travel/experience with greater ease. So many for years “didn’t believe”, and many still don’t, which is…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.