GEORGI STANKOV, CARLA THOMPSON – ENERGY REPORT MAY, 2018 – Lightwork of Cosmic Proportions! – New Golden Galaxy – 5-17-18

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Golden Galaxy

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May has truly been a month of light work of cosmic proportions as we have not experienced before. And we are used to all kinds of multidimensional, transgalactic experiences as this website documents. It all began with the arrival of the new red giant sun of the new Golden Galaxy, where Gaia is now firmly anchored, on April 13, only 10 days after we arrived in Italy. This country is the beginning and the end – the Alpha and Omega – of all incarnation experiments on earth. It is here where the first Elohim souls acquired a physical body to experience the joys and limitations of an artificial world of matter which they had created in their creative exuberance, and it is from here that these same souls will bring back their creation to the Source. And these souls are…

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