MAUREEN MOSS – The Magical, Mystical and Sacred – 5-17-18 – by The Earth Plan

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There is no denying the magical, mystical, erratic, stranger-than-fiction, often uncomfortable and remarkable internal effects and jaw dropping external ones, of the high-speed month of May… still not over.

Thanks to   The Earth Plan

Permanently closing the book on every chapter and verse that made up our lives… provoking deeper embodiment of our Soul (for who else would we have enter) … Ascended Masters from St. Germain to the Divine Mother coming and going as they shower blessings upon us, the children of the new and Earth…evolutionary planets transiting and stationing themselves in rarely seen positions setting us up to step into a radically different flow of life…and We beginning to bring shape and form to our Originally Created Blueprints.

Heart to heart and Consciousness to consciousness we are aware our former selves are being archived while our true selves are being ignited, initiated and unified…

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