Last day prayer

Diary of a MYSTIC

If today be the last day in this body what I would like to say is,

To slow down into your heart

To listen with openness as moments rise

Make a friend

Sit with a willow tree or a sycamore

Wash your eyes with ocean waves

Dance with sunrise

Love your feet, the smile on your face, the ache of breaking inside, love them all.

Learn and forget, accept and forgive

Humanity is full of wonders, heartbreaks, aloneness, ecstasy and trill of meeting the mystery behind each face.

If this moment is all I ever remember of my human body

I say, kiss my skin the beloved sun,

Embrace me the orange colour of sky

I say, I should have loved more,

Care less about my thoughts and action plans.

I should have give away more of my abundance and priviligaes

Back to life, to Earth, to light.

I should…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.