Ascension From Within ~ May 15, 2018

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This IS  an awesome video, my friends! Produced by my personal friends Jack and Sophia, this video gives us the truth of what is happening to ALL and EVERYTHING, and why we are seeing chaos in our world right NOW.

In a nutshell, the process of human spiritual evolution is happening to All of Gaia right NOW, no matter what religion you do, or do not, believe in. As higher vibrational energy continues  to bathe the Earth from the Galactic Central Sun, lower energies of any type of falsehood are brought out into public view, and we are seeing this happen now all over the globe in our geo-political world.

Now you know why all is chaotic in your body and in the world. Lower vibrations (greed, fear, hate, war) are on their way out! As lower vibrations leave, life becomes much cleaner, clearer and happier for all.

So… please…

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