The Magical Portal Of Your Own Darkness

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fantasy-3077928__340By Raphael Awen

Your experiencing of what you don’t want is actually what’s key to experiencing what you do want.

To the degree you feel depressed is actually testament to your native capacity for enthusiasm, creativity and divine play.

To the degree you know what it is to feel bombarded with anxiety, or just a background tension of anxiety, speaks to your natural ability for radiating deep trust, rest and security in the world, and beyond.

The presence of the negative is the evidence of the presence and reality of the positive. One cannot exist without the other.

This tug-of-war polarity and tension between what you desire and what you actually experience is the pathway into navigating between the two in the direction you want to go. You are like this anti-gravitic travel device in this way.

You wouldn’t even be able to feel tension, were it not for rest…

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