Finding Control of Your Creation – May 14, 2018

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by Sterling Nicole Bennett, May 12th, 2018

When you make the choice to follow your dreams, you will be consistently met with other people’s opinions of you, and of how you should run your business. We’ve all heard lines like these before:

“You have to grind your way to the top to even have a chance at making it. You can never take a break. Taking care of yourself is impossible and irrelevant. It’s so much easier to have a normal job. You’re nothing special. You’re not worthy. You’ll not only lose all of your money but also your friends and family.”

Far too often, creators get stuck in the trap of constant content farming. The belief is, “If I don’t put out new content every single day, I will become irrelevant and lose it all.” The reality is, when you drain every…

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