Your Guide to Planetary Influences for May 14 to 20, 2018 – Pam Younghans

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MON: Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn
TUE: New Moon 4:47am PDT (11:47am GMT), Uranus enters Taurus, Mars enters Aquarius, Saturn square Juno
WED: Mars square Uranus
THU: Venus conjunct Pallas Athene
FRI: Mercury trine Saturn
SAT: Mars semisquare Neptune, Venus enters Cancer, Venus sextile Uranus, Mars sextile Chiron
SUN: Venus square Chiron, Venus quincunx Mars, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun enters Gemini

All About Eve, actress Bette Davis famously says, “Fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a bumpy night.” That quote comes to mind as we look forward to the coming week, due to some major shifts that will be occurring.

We have a powerful New Moon on Tuesday, the same day that both Uranus and Mars change signs and form a challenging square aspect. Let’s break that mouthful down into smaller portions, because there’s a lot of substance packed into that short sentence.

THE MOST SIGNIFICANT EVENT on the list is Uranus moving into Taurus. When an outer planet changes signs, it usually corresponds with important events in the world. Uranus, in particular, has the reputation for shaking up the status quo when it changes signs, which happens every seven to eight years.

Since Taurus rules nature and Uranus tends to cause instability, we would expect some natural events to manifest around now. We’ve already been seeing that effect in the past two weeks, with the earthquakes and eruptions in Hawaii. This volcanic event will continue to unfold in the coming week as Uranus steps into Taurus for the first time.

Taurus is also very security-minded, so we can also anticipate changes in financial matters and values in the years ahead. How we use money and what we find valuable will be revolutionized — perhaps foreshadowed by the advent of bitcoins and the expansion of other electronic forms of money.

It can be unnerving to dwell too much on what effects Uranus in Taurus might have — especially since Uranus values the element of surprise and refuses to be predicted! Instead of feeling overly nervous about what lies ahead, we need to keep in mind that the changes Uranus brings are in some way vital to our progress. They shake us up, propel us out of complacency, and shift mass consciousness as a way of accelerating our evolution.

MARS CHANGES SIGNS about every two months, so Mars moving into Aquarius would not normally be major news — but this year, the Red Planet will be spending about six months in the sign due to going retrograde in June. This long trek through socially-minded and often rebellious Aquarius — the sign that is ruled by Uranus — increases unpredictability and restlessness from now through mid November.

And, anytime Mars and Uranus are in hard aspect, the air becomes highly charged, activating sudden and often unexpected events. The Mars-Uranus square that perfects just after midnight on Wednesday morning (12:03 a.m. PDT, 7:03 a.m. GMT) is particularly energized, since it occurs so soon after the planets move into their new signs.

AND THEN there’s the New Moon that occurs on Tuesday at 4:47 a.m. PDT (11:47 a.m. GMT) at 24°36′ Taurus. The New Moon is aligned with the fixed star Capulus, which has been linked with meteorological events affecting a large number of people.

According to many sources, this star also represents “primitive male energy, forceful action; someone who is ruthless, adventurous, dishonest.” But, as the Astrology King website explains, “If a person lives life with an honest sense of purpose, or at least tries to live up to a philosophy, religion, or ideal, then all will go well.” (Political note: This New Moon is conjunct Donald Trump’s Midheaven, which is aligned with Capulus.)
The Sun and Moon are in supportive trine aspect with both Pluto and Mars for the New Moon. These aspects increase the transformational potentials of the lunation, and tell us that the entire lunar cycle will be quite active and life-changing for many.

CLEARLY, it will be vital to find ways to stay in balance and centered over the coming week, and throughout the four weeks of the new lunar cycle. Ways to do this include keeping life as simple as possible, spending time in nature, tending the garden, listening to uplifting music, keeping a gratitude journal, walking barefoot outside, lying on your back on the ground, and hugging a tree. Friday provides the most support in these stabilizing activities, with Mercury in trine aspect to Saturn on that day.

Also highly beneficial is Thursday’s alignment between Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athene in Gemini. This collaboration inspires insights and ideas that can be easily communicated to others. It also enhances our ability to be direct and to powerfully share what we know, especially with respect to women’s issues.

AS URANUS ENTERS TAURUS and we embark on this new phase of our collective experience, we must remember that Uranus is a transpersonal planet, and therefore is dedicated to assisting us in our evolutionary development. In particular, Uranus moves us beyond limited thinking, compelling us to access our intuitive awareness and the Divine Mind.

Its means of accomplishing this goal can feel challenging because we tend to resist change. We often choose to maintain a status quo that is familiar, even if it is no longer in our best interests. But we will benefit if we make an ally of Uranus, rather than resisting the changes that it brings. By staying flexible in our expectations and opening our minds, we can begin to perceive life from a higher perspective, which will enable us to find the solutions we need and insights we seek.

ON A HISTORICAL NOTE: The last time Uranus traveled through Taurus was from June 1934 to May 1942. Here are some of the events that occurred in the United States during those years that are related to the Uranus-in-Taurus effect:

**President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Banking Act and the Social Security Act, both of which significantly altered how Americans handle their money and savings.
**The game Monopoly, which encourages players to build financial independence by engaging in buying and selling properties, was first published by Parker Brothers.
**The “Black Sunday” dust storm forced hundreds of thousands to flee their land and caused great agricultural and economic damage. This event occurred due to over-farming and overuse of the land by cattle and sheep ranchers, damage that was compounded by record-breaking heat waves and massive drought.
**As a result of Black Sunday, Congress passed the Soil Conservation Act, establishing the Soil Conservation Service to provide guidance on reducing soil erosion, improving forest and field lands, and conserving and developing natural resources.
**Two category five hurricanes known as the Labor Day (1935) and Great New England hurricanes (1938) made landfall.
**The term “greenhouse effect” was coined.
**The first Pulitzer Prize was awarded for environmental reporting.

Looking at this list, it’s clear that there were challenges, especially in the relationship between humans and nature. But we can also see advancements that were made in the aftermath of the difficulties, improvements that most likely would not have occurred otherwise. The disruptions to our security and resources made us pay attention, compelling us to realize that we need to work in harmony with the natural world rather than blindly depleting its reserves.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you have the potential to claim your life mission in more powerful and intentional ways. Your first task is to discern what values are at the foundation of your life, and then to decide how to embody those values in your work and other activities. New ideas will present themselves to you, challenging you to consider and open to the possibilities that they bring into your life. Commitments that you make this year will be profound and based in your deep dedication to making a difference.

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