Experiencing 5D In Every Moment AS You

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By Jelelle Awen

Just slept MANY hours and STILL feel drifty, floaty, and not here. My body is rested now yet my consciousness is still doing some work/travel and connection in other dimensions, realms, and timelines in the moment. I feel my star family smiling, swaying together, offering that some good ‘work’ was done even if I can’t consciously remember what it was!

SOULar activity is low today with winds relatively calm, yet the energies feel HIGH and perfect for connecting in a multidimensional way. One way I can feel this is by looking out at the ocean which I am blessed to have as the view out my bedroom window. When the ocean looks/feels hazy or misty, then I can sense that the phototonic light quotient is HIGH and the energies are HIGH too. This is a kind of blend of intuitive knowing and physical sensing.

I am still…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.