JUDITH KUSEL – How to Exit the Matrix – 5-12-18

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The Earth’s Energy Matrix Fields

By Judith Kusel

There are earth energies and energy matrix fields that mankind has totally forgotten about.  The Web of Light is just one single energy network and was placed on the earth at the time of Atlantis.  However there are other energy fields and matrix energy conduits which work as massive computers, which were far older and come from the first civilizations which were formed in the inner earth (Agartha) and then, later, also were created within a grand design.

This is such a sophisticated energy matrix system, that it literally enabled the earth at that time to tap into the cosmic matrix energy fields as held in the Great Central Suns and then those inside the earth – as here again what is above is then reflected below and the two work in tandem.  There is third which links the earth to the 12 Master galaxies that first…

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