Fear and your ego desire personality are… – Archangel Michael/Ronna Vezane with Randal Monk

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Fear and your ego desire personality are…

Published on May 11, 2018

“Fear and your ego-desire personality are your greatest enemies. As we have explained in recent past messages, the negative, stressful events that you are experiencing at this time are activated from within to help you eradicate and/ or refine a vast amount of past, negative conditioning. Tests and situations of tolerance and discernment are created to help you acknowledge any restrictive, damaging thought patterns that you may not be aware of at a conscious level.”

“Yes as we start to become self-conscious ..it’s kind of a inner soul… begins to ascend down because it’s always there for us, it always answers us, and when we send out that message that we are ready to listen, and so is that how your frequency energy has been in control for so long.

And so let’s Envision so you…

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