Message for Lightwarriors, Truth Seekers, Indigo and Starseed.


Don’t believe everything we read or see. Push through programming. Dismantle conditioning. Open our mind to possibility. Fuse polarity propaganda. Rise above the yin and yang. Use our energy to read our world. In turn our energy will create our world. Cyclical. Spirals. Expansion. And contraction. Growing pains can hurt, they can dig down deep to our core. Become at once the observer and the observed. We see more with our eyes shut than we ever do with them open. The eyes are our weak point easily distracted and deceived. Our energy reacts to frequencies which cannot lie. The more we tune into our energy, the more responsive we become to subtleties in our environment. We sense not only wavelengths within this dimension, we experience frequencies out with this reality.

We become aware of the fourth dimension and how it interacts with the third. We spot tell tale signs of…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.