Kp Message 5-11-18… “I’m Feeling Extremely Hopeful for Humanity at this Time”

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This is simply a “get” from my “Holy Innards”, from my Higher Self. Even if it’s not (or if others perceive it as not), it doesn’t matter… I’m writing about it anyway.

I’ve never felt as hopeful for humanity than I do right now.

That’s my main statement, right there. The current humanity team on this planet encompasses a wide range of Light Workers, political leaders, disclosure representatives, apocalypse reporters (viz., people who are unveiling things), that are bringing forth a new path for the surface population. I’m calling them “Highlight BEings”.

Here’s a list of some of my own personal “Highlight BEings” right now.

President Vladimir Putin
President Donald J. Trump
Katie G
Jordan Sather
Isaac Green
David Wilcock
Corey Goode
Michael Salla
Jerome Corsi
X22 Report guy
Benjamin Fulford
Lada Ray

Notice that no one from the Main Stream Media is in there. That differs from…

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