Spring is Here…

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It’s officially Spring. Though it was official according to the calendar about a month ago, Nature has now spoken in southeastern Utah. Here are three plants that signal spring to me:

The first coltsfoot flowers are up – bright yellow sunshine that can be turned into a beautiful tincture.

Coltsfoot Flower Tincture

  • Coltsfoot flowers, freshly gathered
  • Vodka or Brandy

Gather fresh flowers, enough to fill whatever size jar you are using. Cut or tear them up into small pieces. Include the furry, scaly stems. Fill a clean, wide-mouthed jar with the flowers almost to the top. Pour 100 proof vodka or 80 proof
brandy over the flowers. Fill to the very top of the jar and then cap securely. Label the jar.

When it’s ready, in six weeks or more, pour off the liquid. Squeeze out the flowers and compost them.
This yellow coltsfoot tincture can now be used in…

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