Empath: Honouring my feelings


Cradled in the earth, I lie. The branches of the Tree engulf me, the earth under my body, comforts me. I lie still feeling the branches entwining my hair, I feel part of this magic. I feel part of this universe, feeling supported. The universe holds the space, the deeper I grow, connecting to Mother earth, and Spirit Sky. I flow with the Sunrise, I flop onto my pillow when the sunset’s. The darkness comes, after the light has been shinning. I exhale, exhausted, lived, doing what I love, and honouring what I feel.

I feel, it is not a weakness but my greatest strength, as an Empath. I feel as my heart beats with the Earth. I see the pain, I see the anger, I even feel it in the rising of the Full Moon, spirit within me wants to howl, be free, be running wild. With the light…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.