ISABELLA GREENE @ IN5D – 22 Spiritual Things that have Become the Norm, Since 2012 – 2-2-18

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22 Spiritual Things That Have Become The Norm Since 2012

by Isabella Greene,   Guest writer,

Human collective is in the process of creating new reality and the New Earth, but first and foremost, embodying the new type of being that we presently perceive as the “New Human”. Things are starting to take tangible shape right here right now. We are already observing the signs of what is becoming the “new normal” for many today.

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We all know that 2012 was the turning point, the year of the “energetic big bang”. That year represents the moment within the infinite now when the ripple effect finally reached enough momentum to tip the mass consciousness scale, and to shift the course of evolution of our Planet from self-destruction to mass awakening. Yes, of course there were awakened people prior to 2012, but we have to agree that over the last six years the number of the awakened…

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