Grief As A Gift: Bridging Our Humanity To Our Divinity

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After an experience I had with my beloved Kalayna yesterday (which I will write about later after we digest it more together), and a heartful conversation I had with an FB friend I was inspired to write about the feeling of Grief.

Grief is a profound experience in the wake of Loss. It opens the heart to the bedrock of our humanity and our divinity. It can be where the two join hands. Ultimately in our highest heart and soul essence, there is no loss, just a death and rebirth, a transmutation of energy. Of course, the circumstance and specifics of the loss can be quite jarring and extremely painful. To lose a child or other loved one in a tragic way holds so much energy than if it were in a natural one. Tragic grief is one that has so many dimensions to it that needs the time and space…

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