Mother Gaia: Crystals

We Signed Up For This

Hello dear children, it is your Mother Gaia. I am here with you now in this breathless moment of heightened anticipation, of joy and of the generalized impatience that surrounds your planet in this moment of expansion.

Oh children, I love you so much. We have journeyed together for so long and for so far, together, you and I. And the time of redemption, of hope, of renewal is here now. Embrace it.

I am your Mother Gaia. I am here for you, children. I have offered my body for yours for so long; cannot you’re feel my loving embrace? For it is truly all around you, surrounding you in strength and my protection.

The crystals are singing now – can you hear / feel them? They are coming on line and doing their work. For those of you who work with my Crystal Kingdom you will feel they are…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.