Bringing Through and Being the Light

Reflections of Riverman

Spring 2018Blessings of Light To ALL

On this Friday the 13th … traditionally a day of fear or darkness I have the honor and privilege to talk on Humanity Healing facebook live.
I get to choose the topics but as you know by now the show is named Presence Of Light.

How perfectly the Universe fills our hearts with energies that dispel all falsity and local projections of our minds, to call us back into being the Light We Are.

I have always thought of the number 13 as Rebirth. I’m sure I read that somewhere and it struck a chord within me that created more resonance than the fear based stories, which we have been subjected to as being a bad omen.

I prefer to tap into the center point of the 12 around 1 teachings where all possibilities for Light to be brought through and shine can be…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.