In5D: Energy Update – Solar Storms Bring Upgrades

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Energy Update – Solar Storms Bring Upgrades | In5D April 10, 2018 Energy Updates ~Spread the love ~ by Morag,Guest writer,

We are experiencing profound DNA upgrades triggered by solar pulses of intensely high frequencies. Portals of light are opening around the globe. Energetic shifts can be felt, like a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality. When these adjustments occur vertigo or nausea can be experienced as well as feeling untethered, disconnected or dissociated with our perceived reality. We can feel the ground shift beneath our feet. We can also experience moments where we feel connected to everything. Sinus issues occur when our third eye and throat chakras align. Physical manifestation of energetic blocks shifting and dissipating. Headaches and aches and pains ground us as waves of solar light flood the planet. We are integrating immense levels of high frequency light whilst immersed in heavy third dimensional…

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