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The I AM Presence and Your Life’s Purpose

This excerpt is from the dictation Life’s Purpose and the Divine Plan by the Queen of Light published in the 1970 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 13 No. 3.

How is it that man fails to recognize that he was originally created in the image and likeness of God, that he was originally endowed with virtue and purity of purpose? Now, simply because the individual has misconstrued purpose and lived according to the dictum of the carnal mind, does not in itself preclude the possibility of the divine existence.

We are talking about two distinct phases of man’s existence: the eternal, or infinite phase, and the finite phase. The infinite phase has unlimited possibilities for soul expansion. But the finite phase also affords a certain freedom of expression. It manifests a God seekingness and a human seekingness. Out of this duality man must make his choices.

By understanding that there…

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