Message from Prime Creator ~ Transformation: The LightWorkers’ Decision ~ March 15, 2018

Rose Rambles...

By Yael & Doug Powell

Every being of light in all the heavens, every being of Love in all the worlds, every wash of starlight that is embodied, every planet pregnant with life — all are holding their breath. Holding their breath as I call you to step forth out of your reality completely and to trust that the New World will be there to place your foot upon. As I breathe in My In-breath, as I feel you as the greatest Love stirring within, I too am pregnant with anticipation! In all of the worlds, all of the expanding universe, all of the trillions of beings spreading their wings of truth, there is none like you.

Now the time comes for the greatest leap of faith, faith that says that what is in your heart is the real truth, while all the structure by which you have lived your…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.