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Eclipse Portal Still In Progress: Questions Answered That Were Never Asked / Timeline Shifts

Blessings Beloveds,

Eclipse Portal

The Eclipse Portal is still open until February 15 when we will experience a partial solar eclipse. This portal was initiated on January 31st with the Super Moon portal that brought in many Ascension Symptoms and Merging Timelines that are still ongoing. I talked about this portal in my last article and how to maneuver through it.

This Portal has brought intense changes to all of humanity during these last 2 weeks. Ascension symptoms have been almost daily along with Massive insights into the workings of one’s life. The more in tune with Creation one is the more we will experience these changes. 

Along with this has been massive releasing of Karma from past trials and tribulations we have all been through. Humanity as a whole needs a tremendous amount…………….
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