You Are Not Alone

Sacred Journey

There is nothing wrong with admitting

that at times

this is much to bear

and you must fall on your knees

to let it out,

in a sigh or a cry

because being alone is part of our existence.

All the materialism,

collection of people,

obsessions and addictions

cannot replace

or mend

that space you have

opened to Spirit –

the awed-nature awareness

that says, “Hello, look at me,”

when you feel deserted or forsaken.

Allow it. Surrender.

You are not alone.

This journey is existential in nature

and its path is lighted by sacredness.

Sometimes the ache is profound and it comes

deep from Greatness

while you say,

“Let it go. Make it go away.”

Beg, plead and negotiate.

It does no justice to that space,

to the ache from the beyond.

The heart knows nothing of negotiations;

it is driven by a vast and endless force.

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.