COSMIC RESTART: Feb 8 – Beginning a Whole New Galactic Spin!

Awakening Galactic Culture

On The Galactic Calendar, Feb 8, 2018 is the Beginning of a New 260-Day Galactic Cycle.It is Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon: COSMIC RESTART.

kin1On The Galactic Calendar, every time we return to Kin 1, we begin at the beginning ~ we start the whole 260-day creation cycle all over again, at a higher rung on the ascending evolutionary spiral of existence!

Red Magnetic Dragon represents the Primordial Mother Waters from which All is Birthed. It is the vibration of Origin; Source; Oneness; The Cauldron from which All is Generated… It signifies BEINGNESS ~ NURTURANCE ~ RENEWAL ~ RESTART ~ INITIATION ~ NEW BEGINNINGS ~ REBIRTH!

We are invited to affirm: “I nurture the birth of my being with primal trust.”


In our modern society, we often forget we are “human beings,” and we are vastly obsessed with doing. I know this is true for me, as I…

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