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Sacred Journey

Yesterday was one of my client’s birthday. He’s ten years older than me but due to a horrific accident his mind is juvenile and he is paralyzed.

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a four year old trailing along. So Kali and I went to get balloons and pie for him this morning.

Now, I know this man and his moods. It’s hit and miss. I walked into his room, Kali holding balloons ready for song and dance, while he was waking up. I could tell he wasn’t in a gentle mood. I can see it from a distance when the demons of the past (the man he once was) visit him.

“Hey darling, watch the cursing! My kid is here with me!”

He adjusted himself. We sang happy birthday. Gave each other hugs. He was till not in a happy camper. I understand.

I sat on his bed. I waited…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.