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wildBy Raphael Awen

The universe is untamable. It is wild at heart.

There are no insurance providers that can underwrite the inherent risks in your participation here. When you suffer a loss, there is no claim you can file to get reimbursed for any loss of your assets.

You get to lose, actually. You get to suffer loss. You get to mourn and grieve the loss. You came here to lose. You gave up the experience and knowledge of possessing everything and spent it lavishly like a drunken sailor on the experience of what it feels like to not have. This is the souls journey of discovering the love that you are, that you can never lose on a higher level.

This is the stuff, you, and everyone around you, ARE, and are made of, regardless of your awakening or spirituality, or your culture.

When we attempt to tame our…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.