nnerSelf Daily Inspiration 01-22-2018: I make a commitment to become familiar with the workings of my mind through meditation.

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Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Focus for today: I make a commitment to become familiar with the workings of my mind through meditation.

Renouncing the world does not mean rejecting the world. One can learn to live in it and with it, skillfully and positively, experiencing it and enjoying it, without taking it too seriously in any ultimate sense. Renouncing the world does not mean that one must live as a monk.Renunciation is a path of gradually diminishing grasping. It is a voluntary relinquishing of one’s stubbornly-held selfish desires and aversions, not out of a sense of guilt, or a sense of duty, but from the direct, authentic, personal knowledge of the futility of seeking happiness through them. Turning the mind within, which is the path of renunciation, implies making a commitment to becoming familiar with the workings of one’s own mind through meditation.

Basically, in a down-to-earth sense, renunciation means taking care of oneself and not being a nuisance or burden to others. It means getting one’s own house in order. This requires effort, perseverance, discipline, and patience — four of the six paramitas or transcending virtues. These virtues are necessary to help us transcend the temptations of the samsaric world and focus on the path of inward reflection and examination which reveals the secrets of happiness.

Excerpted from the InnerSelf article:

Finding Peace and Happiness: Three Aspects of the Buddhist Path

Written by Ron Leifer, M.D.

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The Happiness Project: Transforming the Three Poisons that Cause the Suffering We Inflict on Ourselves and Others
by Ron Leifer, M.D.Finding Peace and Happiness: Aspects of the Buddhist PathClearly written, easy to understand and put into practice. Dr. Leifer, a psychiatrist, borrows from his Buddhist practice and his clinical experience to offer profound insights into the sources of anxiety and depression in the West. He makes a compelling case that the projects we develop to make us happy become the sources of our unhappiness. The book takes an objective stance and casts a reality check on politics, religion, and many other belief systems we employ in our societies in order to alleviate pain and suffering and to strive for those things that can bring us joy and everlasting happiness.

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