InnerSelf Daily Inspiration 01-19-2018: When I give something my full effort, I stop “trying”, and start doing.

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Friday, January 19th, 2018

Focus for today: When I give something my full effort, I stop “trying”, and start doing.

In many of our life’s endeavors we say, “Oh well, I tried”, and take our failure as “a lesson to be learned”. Too often, we conclude that the lesson is, “I better not try that again”. Perhaps the real lesson is that we didn’t really try. Maybe we only made a halfhearted attempt and life gave us back exactly what we gave to it.

Think of some examples in your past where the results were not what you wanted, or said you wanted. Did you give it all you had? Now think of some times when you did give it all you had. Just for fun. How about when you were a teenager and wanted the family car for a special date, or when you were working to a deadline and knew you had to have the job done. In such cases don’t we keep pushing until we get what we want?

When we give our full effort, we stop “trying”, and we start doing it. Our words change, reflecting our thoughts. We don’t stop at the first obstacle; we don’t accept the first “no”; we make the time that’s necessary; we apply all the resources we have, and we start being truly creative. We are being truly alive. The life energy begins zooming through us. This is what we call the ‘rush of commitment’. Success is then assured. Miracles happen!!

Excerpted from the InnerSelf article:

Contemplation on Success: Stop Trying and Start Doing

Written by Peter & Helen Evans

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