Grounding Your Intentions On This First New Moon of 2018


A sparkling New Moon to everyone !

If you have been noticing your electrical devices (and their cabling and circuitry) breaking down more often than usual, ruling out the possibility of their higher usage or  inferior quality, such ‘mystical’ occurrences could be a sign that your aura (also known as electro-magnetic field) is becoming more electrical, rather than remaining in balance in both its electrical and magnetic charge. Such a symptom is becoming more common as our light body awakens along with the stepped-up frequency of Earth’s.

The magnetism existing in our aura is closely supported by Earth’s magnetic field and is essential for ensuring the physical body remains perfectly functional during the current time of rapid vibratory changes, around and within us.

In order to restore the body’s weakening connection with the Earth’s magnetic field (especially applicable to for those whose energy frequencies are heightening but do not engage…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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