InnerSelf Daily Inspiration 01-15-2018: With discipline and effort, I open my heart to whomever is in front of me.

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Monday, January 15th, 2018

Focus for today: With discipline and effort, I open my heart to whomever is in front of me.

We have a precious human life with the potential to develop love, compassion, and wisdom limitlessly. How do we use that potential? What occupies our mind most of the time? When observing our mind, we may notice that much time is spent ruminating about the past and the future.

Instead of dreaming of conquering future attachment, let’s deal with the craving we have right now. Rather than drowning in fears of the future, let’s be aware of the fear occurring right now and investigate it.

Opening our hearts to whomever is before us requires discipline and effort. Connecting with the person in front of us necessitates being fully present, not off in the past or in the future.

Excerpted from the InnerSelf article:

Are You Living in the Present or the Past?

Written by Thubten Chodron

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Taming the Mind
by Thubten Chodron.

Taming the Mind by Thubten Chodron. We all want to have good relationships with others. Chodron offers practical techniques to help us gain a more spacious perspective on relationships, whether they be between lovers, parent and child, employer and employee, friends, or spiritual teacher and student. Guidelines are given for how to practice freeing ourselves from habitually blaming others for our problems and learning to be on the spot and take responsibility for our lives. This book describes how our mind/heart, not the external world, is the ultimate source of our happiness. We learn how to look at people and situations in an entirely new light.

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