Kp Message 1-13-18… “‘Getting’ the Whole Picture”

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This is not going to be about presenting any details and data about all the things that are being revealed, unveiled, apocalypsed, about and all around a) this planet, b) this galaxy, c) this Cosmos, d) the situation in the United States, e) Donald J. Trump, f) the Clinton Foundation, etc., etc., etc., etc. However, I am sharing what I basically “know” and “get” about all of it.

Many people see only a small part of the whole picture. I know, because I sit near a few of them at the coffee shop, and I hear some of their conversations. And all that is okay, and all their views really have no effect on mine.

I know many people are anti-Trump. Absolutely anti-Trump, and I know that nothing I would say is going to change that. They have likely paid attention to the EXTREMELY controlled and limited MSM media, and/or…

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