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Physical Symptoms of Ascension (Update)

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I noticed I was getting an unusually large volume of readers of an older post, titled, “You’re Not Alone:  Physical Symptoms of Ascension.”  Since writing that post, I have discovered a few more things about the physical body as it goes through this often arduous process, and I would like to share them with you.

I am going to say something that may surprise some people.  All symptoms are ascension symptoms.  That includes any disease.  Everything we are experiencing of a physical nature is ascension related.

If you have chosen embodied enlightenment in this lifetime, that is, if you have given permission to ascend and stay here in the physical body, to continue walking the Planet as an Ascended being, you will be undergoing a major physical transformation.

You are transforming from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based being.  You are in the process of letting go of old, ancestral patterns of illness and disease.  The light body, in the process of integrating with the physical body, is making many adjustments on a cellular level.

In actuality, it’s the light body that is adjusting to being in the  physical, not the physical body.  The physical body already knows how to accommodate and adjust to its environment.  It’s the light body that is finding itself in a totally new experience. Thus all the sensitivities.

This too shall pass.

That being said, the light has a way of triggering things in the physical body that have been buried for a long time.  Patterns of disease and imbalances that go back a long way.   Whenever we ask to be set free, we experiences all the ways in which we have felt unfree.  And that includes the physical as well as the emotional ways.

Know that in time the body will catch up with your consciousness.  It generally takes longer for the body to do so, but now we are experiencing an acceleration of frequencies on the planet so that will help considerably.

“It’s important to trust in this process and our soul’s ability to rebalance the body.”

The body responds to our consciousness, so the more we invite our soul into our body, and the more we allow the joy that is our natural birthright, the body benefits.  It may seem like a contradiction, because the more we love ourselves and allow the Christ light into our lives, at least initially, the more things seem to break down.  Again, it’s a necessary process and nothing we have done wrong.

The best thing you can do in this process is to just allow.  Don’t spend time analyzing your issues, trying to figure out mentally what’s going on in your body.  If you are in fear, it’s ok to go to a doctor, if it sets your mind at ease.  But the less time you spend in fear and worry, the better everything flows.

Personally I find my body responds to relaxation, to being in nature, to doing things I enjoy.

It also responds positively to letting go of situations and relationships that no longer serve you.

Whatever emotions do come up need to be expressed in a safe way, especially anger.  I share more about this emotion in my post, Anger and Ascension, and Anger and Ascension (Update).

Accepting and releasing emotions benefit the body profoundly.  In fact, accepting ourselves, having deep compassion for ourselves is the key to moving through this transformation more smoothly.

Other websites have many lists of Ascension related symptoms, and they are of great help.  But to simplify it, just know that whatever you are experiencing, on a physical and an emotional level, is absolutely appropriate.  There is nothing you have done wrong, and there is nothing you need to do.  Other than to nurture yourself, and nurture your body.

Feed it yummy foods.  Eat foods because you enjoy them, not because they are supposedly good for you.  Your body responds positively to self love, not fear and self-deprivation.

The recalibration seems to be taking longer than any of us expected.  But regardless, you don’t have to wait to be completely recalibrated before you begin to feel the joy of your soul.

In fact, as you do, your soul can assist you in creating the healthy body that is your birthright.

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