Message from Andromedans and Arcturians for January 1, 2018

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Andromedans and Arcturians 1/1/18

We Andromedans with to open up your new year celebrations with hearty congratulations from your biggest fans! We are excited and proud to be viewing – witnessing your accomplishments as ever climbing upwards in the never ending spiral of ascension. It is true, one is always trying to exceed and be and expand more than the previous – in your term ‘year’ in our term ‘cycle’ – because that is the nature of Source, of love; ever expanding bursts of creativity and light and love. And you, Humanity, after long last, are being re-welcomed and re-integrated after being artificially cut off for far too long. It is true to say we have all missed you, our family and our friends. We are eager to reconnect and to be more than eager observers, which is “getting old”, as you may say (we do love your Earth colloquialisms)…

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