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Ice Skating on a Blank Canvas

January started with a strong Full Moon and ends with another potent Full Moon which is also a Blue Moon. These Full Moons serve as bookends for the entire month and bring powerful energy of change. They form energetic Portals on both sides of the month through which we must pass with openness, honesty and Trueness. And on the far side of these portals, the True Year of 2018 begins….

From the very beginning, January definitely feels different. There’s the sense of arriving at the shore of a new land with a sense of wonder that we made it this far. At the beginning of a New Year, we are always presented with a blank canvas. This is when it’s better to carefully feel things out, rather than rush into action. We are sensing where we are now, while still in the midst of a somewhat messy mixture containing the residue of our old, duality-based ways of being mixed with Who We Really Are ~ our emerging Authentic Self.

A deep shift is taking place within the planetary platelets. It’s similar to the movement of ice shelves that break free of their old positions and move to a new position. While this is happening, there are many things that we cannot yet see. This is why we have to wait for more elements to move into their True Positions. Only then, will we be able to see our New Landscape clearly enough so we can move deeper into it..

This January is like ice skating on a blank canvas. We are gliding along with grace and confidence and then suddenly hit a patch of rough ice and lose our balance. We never know when we’ll slip or slide or crash hard onto the ice. Balance is more important than ever. Or we may unexpectedly encounter a section of very smooth ice and zoom forward when we least expect it.

Underneath the ice we can sense that there are patterns in brilliant colors. We can almost see them, but even though they’re not quite visible, we know that they are there. They will start appearing around the middle of January and this will bring us a new clarity as to where we are going and what we need to do next. As these colorful new patterns emerge, the True parts of us will become ever more visible.

While we are traveling through the two Full Moon Portals of January, it would be the perfect time to release our attachment to the feeling that we need continual healing. Healing can be surprisingly addictive. It’s like the constant quest for more educational degrees, more new clothes, more money, more credentials, more workshops. Only now, we continually seek out more healing as we feel that we have never received enough. We need more plant medicine sessions, more healing ceremonies, more Reiki, more massages, more Tantra, more shamanism and more healing modalities. This is when “healing” can become a self indulgent distraction.

When do we declare ourselves healed? If these forms of healing are so effective, then why are we still needing more? Why aren’t we already healed? When does our healing process end and when can we turn our attention to something much larger and more important?

Yes, we have all experienced broken hearts, deep wounds and disappointments. We have all been shattered and broken. But when do we realize that all of this only happened to a small fragment of Who We Are Now? When will we turn our attention from our small selves to our Vaster True Being and start serving the planet? When we do, we might find that serving with our mastery is exactly what heals us.

I’m not talking about TRUE HEALING which is much needed at this time. TRUE HEALING is far different from the endless search to constantly heal ourselves through numerous techniques. TRUE HEALING takes place when we live True Lives as a True One. This is what brings TRUE HEALING to the entire planet and is so greatly needed.

The energies around us right now are like giant waves. These huge waves travel great distances. They travel beyond Time and Space. They fold themselves around us and embrace us. And they bring to us many new elements which we have long awaited.

During January some lost components of our beings are being folded back into us. We don’t need to go looking for them, for they will naturally come to us. Some of these lost components come from people and places that we have deep connections to, while others originate in the Beyond the Beyond. The huge waves are also bringing to us people from our past, as well as people from our future. Embedded in these waves is New information which will enable us to align more deeply with our True Direction.

January is the time to commit ourselves in every way possible to Living our Mastery in the New Reality. The Sacred Pause gives us the space to release our internal hindrances, let go of our ties to limiting beliefs and excuses and to stop trying to cross the raging current with our feet in two different boats! We need to plant both feet on the ground, taking full responsibility to change the paradigm.

Let’s get ready for a momentous year!

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Trusting Fear or Fearing Trust

jbuss Astrology

It’s kind of your choice – though it’s a lot more complicated than that.  Here’s the Timeline…

  • These two events come first in time, but they’re very different and less immediate than the others, but once you read through you’ll see how closely it’s all related!…
    • 2 February (7am PST) Hylonome Initiates Lilith – Letting Go of Codependence, or the places where we Abandon ourself because of Fear.  This Cycle lasts about ten years, and it Begins at 10 Capricorn, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor,” or the sort of Collaborative Interdependence with Nature that we find in 5D.
    • 3 February (noon PST) asteroid Karma Initiates Mars – Look out for that Safe falling from the third floor!  This Cycle lasts about three years eight months, and it begins at 4 Sagittarius, “A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of their parents.”  Okay, so we…

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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Courtesy of Wake Up World

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Lose Your Mind, Live From the Heart


January 31st, 2018

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

The energy of the current lunar cycle, which began with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 17, has confronted us with an unavoidable fact of our reality — one that can be challenging to our sense of self-identity

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2018: the mastery of life force – Lauren Gorgo

Courtesy of ThinkWithYourHeart

So here we are.  Another year, another turn around the ascension…or karmic…wheel, depending on where you are in your depolarization process.  For those who have been at this for a minute or many (lifetimes) 2018 holds the extraordinary potential (activation codes) to birth the embodiment of our inner masculine-feminine union.

As we find this necessary m-f balance within, so too will we will learn to master life in union with The Force of life itSelf.

This month we are already finding that mastering the mystery requires a solid, steady & practical approach to our Sourcery.  Discerning the delicate balance between allowing what IS to BE (feminine) & participating with that BEingness (masculine) is the higher/deeper level skill that this 11 year (2+0+1+8=11) asks of those unifying in divine (m-f) partnership (2+0+1+8=1+1= 2).

Currently we are still integrating the impressive flood of cosmic energies bringing in the new year and because this extraordinarily & celestially powerful month has been so transitional, it’s not been easy to navigate.  We are vacillating between the blank-slate-state (VOID), and embracing our creatorship…seemingly by the hour.  This will balance out as we get a handle on our new abilities and employ them in conjunction with the potent energies we have to work with this year.

In addition to the new year integrations (and solar amplifications) the lunar energies are also intensifying as we build toward the full moon eclipse (1/31) where we will be thrust into yet another phase of change spurred from the release of some incredibly ancient blocks.

For the moment, while we are still getting acquainted with the new, we must continue to do our part (like any new relationship) to withhold any personal projections, be-lie-fs, and/or expectations around 2018…at least until we begin to remember what our soul has in store for us this year.

And this will become more obvious soon as we unroll the first set of new plans from our divine blueprint, the coordinates and overall framework with which to build our new structures for the new life that will come into being over the next 2-3 years. To do that we must continue to embody & express our authentic (divine) nature and come fully into alignment with the True (second) Life we came here to live.

Because of that, and over the next 11 months, we will all be challenged to grow in new, but necessary ways…to merge human with divine law as we weave our diamond light frequencies into society, creating a new multidimensional platform for the physical expression of the higher life we are longing for & working to establish here.

To do this requires participation at every level of our being.  We must 1) spiritually aspire to our Highest Plan for this life (divine blueprint), 2) mentally organize, order & assemble that vision according to a practical set of steps, 3) maintain emotional neutrality as we channel forth the frequencies of the Eden Template and 4) physically act upon each and every motivation born of the (high) Heart.

This process is no longer about giving our intentions away to a universe that will support us in our achieving our aims, but BEing the YOUniverse of support we need to achieve our aims, and our life will continually call to us this place of practical mastery this year.

Ultimately, 2018 wants to help us to bring every level of ourselves into ONE unified expression so that we can birth a new, empowered experience of Self on earth.  To that end, we will be asked over and again to apply our learnings to life as we acquire new skills of mastery over ourselves against the backdrop of “other”.

It is time to apply our new relationship with Self to the world at large.

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Lunar Eclipse Peace Meditation

Heart Star

Image from timeanddate.com

Dear All,

In the lead-in to 2018’s first eclipse on January 31st, we’d like to share a meditation connecting this alignment of total eclipse of a Super Blue Moon (called a supermoon while at the closest point to Earth in its orbit, a blue moon as it’s the second full moon in a calendar month, and also a ‘Blood Moon’ as the total eclipse will give it a reddish hue). In this local cosmic dance, eclipses always align in pairs, and January’s lunar eclipse will be followed by a partial solar eclipse on February 15th, a day before the celebration of Chinese New Year.

At a higher level, the vibrational ‘stream’ of lunar to solar, white to gold, during this passage, will open another level of this year’s ’11’ Gateway energy…and as the Earth is poised between the ‘light pillars’ of Sun and Moon in these eclipse…

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