AUG TELLEZ – The Corruption System – The Fallen Dimension – Taplining, Vampirism, Energy Inversion – The New System, The 5th Dimensional Gateway – by abzu 2 – 12-18-17

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art by Christas Vengel 

In short, this is a fallen system. That fallen system is collapsing. Everyone’s souls are stored, like in a data base, in a system of information. The old system was corrupted. Everything mirrors an information technology system because the two are easily compared and related. The soul system holds the information of your experiences in this environment. The environment is easily compared to a virtual system because the visceral, physical reality is akin to a physics engine for the universe while the more direct state is akin to a programming language that everything physical actually operates through.

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So your physical body is contained within this programming language and your mental or soul information is stored within an abstraction layer beyond that initial graphical functioning layer.

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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