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Everyone Chooses A Life Theme Before Incarnating. Which Did YOU Choose?

According to Sylvia Brown, everyone chooses a particular ‘Life Theme’ before incarnating to this planet. This serves as a template for your life path and will provide various challenges along your way. Which Life Theme did YOU choose?

The following is an excerpt from Sylvia Brown’s book, My Guide, Myself.

by Sylvia Brown 

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Activator: The focus here is to perform the tasks that others have failed to accomplish. These may be truly gargantuan or quite menial, but the focus is always on getting the job done right. Activators are the turn-around artists or the troubleshooters of the world, the ones who successfully reverse failure. Naturally, these entities are in great demand and so have a tendency to spread themselves too thin. Activators should make every effort to confine their energies to tasks where a genuine opportunity to achieve beneficial change exists.

Aesthetic Pursuits:…

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