Exciting! Soul Shine 2017 Free Annual Marathon Activation & Meditation Event

Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

2017 Soul Shine Very Special Event
Activations & Meditations for High Vibrations

Dec. 20, 21, 22 ♦ 4 Hours Each Day
With online replays available 24/7


Register for EMAILS from LAUREN GALEY providing listening access details & info

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You are respectfully invited
to share in this free Solstice Online Event Marathon
A Message from Lauren:
This free event is an online gathering of people from around the world as we celebrate the Solstice, and the 5th Anniversary of Our New Earth. 

This online event marathon offers dozens of “Activations & Meditations” for raisin one’s vibration and expansion of consciousness, and we invite you to join us in this special Online Healing Retreat in a marathon broadcast.  These are heart-opening, consciousness expanding meditations that will assist with activating bliss center where you have access to powerful creational energy, higher wisdom, clarity and knowingness. These Soul Shine Activations and Meditations are prepared to assist you in recognizing and releasing any old 3D (un)consciousness programming, and help you focus your lens of creation by tuning into the compass of your Divine Heart.

It’s a High Vibration Event and it’s all free – you just need to register here  (or copy and paste in your browser): www.acoustichealth.com/soulshine17.htm

Soul Shine is a gateway into higher wisdom with Activations & Meditations for High Vibrations These programs are designed by spiritual teachers and visionaries specifically to raise your vibration – your energetic frequency – so you can access the higher energies of your Soul – also known as your Authentic and Purest Self – so you can allow yourself to Shine with great Love and Light out to the rest of the world..   These Meditations and Activations are created to further awaken and inspire you, help you find your center of bliss, tap into creative Source energy,  and align with the incoming frequencies that are supporting great, profound and important change in our world.

I’ll be sharing in this High Frequency gathering which is an Online Healing Retreat  “marathon” event  by a re-connected LeMUrian and Star Sis, Lauren Galey of AcousticHealth.com.  During the 3 days of the Solstice (Dec. 20, 21, 22), we will nurture and honor ourselves and Mother Earth as we listen to meditations, activations and sound healing music. The activations and meditations will re-tune your frequency and activate your DNA so you can choose to move forward free from worry, fear, doubt, guilt, regret or lower density energies, and into the higher frequencies of love, compassion, joy, abundance, and peace.

It’s a free event December 20th, 21, 22nd – listen anytime to online replays 24/7   

Beloved Light Family,

It is truly an honor to participate in this event focused on elevating the frequency of all on Earth to shift collective consciousness through Divine Unity Consciousness Love.

I’ve written and recorded a brand new activation for these vibrations we are now in, to assist you with the integration of these cosmic light codes with greater ease too!

Feel free to share this with other who may resonate and benefit as well. The more we share, the more we strengthen the Gridwork of Our NEW Earth for us all.

Because we care ~

Pure Gratitude and Love ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown
Copyright © 2017 Lisa Transcendence Brown, All rights reserved.

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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