Nature Walks – Is it really Autumn? 7 Nov 17

Blue Dragon Journal

DSCN4678 Anhinga on one of its favorite perches.

Nature Walks – Is it really Autumn? 7 Nov 17

Okay, chronologically it’s officially autumn, but temperature wise, it’s still summer here in South Florida.  The temperature has eased downward at least five freaking degrees and the humidity is back.  My Yankee genes are stressed by excessive heat and humidity.  So why am I in South Florida?  Long story, which I’m not going to relate just now.  Anyway, I went to Green Cay, again, since Wakodahatchee is closed this week.  Lots of snowbirds showing up, both the two-legged and the feathered varieties.

Here are some more photos:

DSCN4682 Breakfast!

DSCN4685 White Ibis scoping out the fishing opportunities…

DSCN4688 Turtle scooting along muddy bottom.

DSCN4699 Male Grackles in the midst of a mating ritual. See the shy female to the right? She’s listening and watching with interest.

DSCN4684 Tri-colored Heron holding a pose while fishing.

DSCN4703 Two turtles enjoying the…

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