FRED GREAVES @ In5D – All You Need To Ascend Part III – From A 5D Perspective – 10-20-17

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Ascend 3

PART  ONE   –   PART  TWO   

by Fred Greaves,   Guest writer,

First things first, I will continue with my series on raising your vibrations to enter the higher realms next, although I need to explain something first. You may have noticed that I suddenly started signing my posts here with the name of Lucina along with mine. Well the reason for that is Lucina is my divine Twin, and has become such a large part of my life now, that we go hand in hand.

Some that are reading this actually know her, as I have reunited them with their other half, and they are now being mentored by her. It seems that this was all pre-planned before we were all born, and many are assembling at this time. We may not be consciously aware of it, yet our Soul (higher self) is…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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