Kp Message 10-17-17… “Facing the Giant(s)… on the Higher Path”

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There’s times when the consciousness seems to require that we observe, face up to, and release, individually and in the human collective, those things in us that are holding us back from entering the new Paradigm. Another way of saying this… “Disconnecting from ‘the matrix'” (note that is a small m). This allows us to connect with who/what we really are… “Infinite BEings of Light Love Truth” (and all that Holy Stuff).

Of course, from my view, all of it is really a “within” job.

I made a choice today (well, now it was “yesterday”) about one aspect of my current life, and on my current path. Two alternatives. One leading to the “old paradigm”, and one leading to the “new paradigm”. And, of course, I chose the one leading to the “new paradigm” (at least the one I felt was leading to the “new paradigm”).

All I can do…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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