The 12th Road

If 2017 is a one year, a Year of New Beginnings, then it has been a year of preparation for that beginning. A year of transitioning from one phase to the next.   A year of slowing down and coming into a long drawn out pause while everything catches up with itself, gets in the same space, on the same level, in wholeness and completeness. It is only in wholeness and completeness, that we shift in a unified way into what lies in waiting.

This year has been a leveling ground. It has created great rifts in relationships, in ideologies and beliefs, illuminating all that is wrong with the world and all that is twisted and distorted in the minds of humanity. But in being confronted with the dark and unpleasant, the frustrating and displeasing, we are being shown exactly what we want in our lives and what we have…

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Halloween Message: Responding With Love, Not Fear, To Your Shadow And Spirits

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen


“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.” ~ Thomas Moore

Resisting anything in ourselves just leads to more pain, more resistance, more pushing out of life and not letting it in. Resisting the darkness is understandable when we have been taught in 3D culture to fear that which we don’t understand, that which isn’t socially acceptable, that which may hurt or harm others or ourselves. We have been taught to fear our fear and the fear of others as well. This fearing of fear JUST leads to more fear being generated. This creates a fear fueled energy cloud that rumbles inside of us and through all the strands of the collective emotional body web for fear-based BEings to get more energy from.

On this ‘day’ of…

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When you accept how perfect you are your world will change ~ Abraham – Infinite Shift

Courtesy of IInfinite Shift

Source: When you accept how perfect you are your world will change ~ Abraham – Infinite Shift

Emotosomatic Healing: The Deep Roots Of Parts Work

SoulFullHeart Healing

41My recent back and neck pain has found a home in my heart. What I mean by that is that through a deep emotional movement and process with my beloved Kalayna, and energy sessions with Jillian, the intense spasms and stiffness got felt in a deeper emotive root. The part of me that was using the pain as a protection and a way to get my attention was able to surrender into vulnerability and trust in the open hearts of both myself and my mate. It was an experience that demonstrated the power of our emotions and intimacy to transmute and heal.

Though the term “psychosomatic” is more commonly used, we feel that it is the emotional body that is ‘upstream’ of the mental body. Our emotions are energy in motion that translate into thoughts that have their own waveform and power. So, yes, what I was thinking was having…

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Ancestral Wisdom and Deep, Deep Roots

Sophia's Children

Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia. Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

To hallow is “to make holy or sacred, to sanctify

or consecrate, to venerate”. (Wikipedia)

It’s a fine time for drawing up insight and guidance from the depths, and sustenance from our very roots.

Yesterday, I had the privilege and joy of giving the Sunday lesson for a wonderful group here on this very topic — deep roots, and the power of blessing.

The Energies of Now support us even more than usual in that gathering back and sinking roots. More on that just below.

But first … if ‘to hallow’ is ‘to make holy or sacred, to sanctify or consecrate, to venerate,’ …

What might we want to ‘make holy’, sanctify, consecrate, bless, or venerate?

What might we be, by default, venerating or worshipping that might not be worthy of that devotion…

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