ANASTACIA @ In5D – Spiritual Warriors – Forerunners – Empaths – First Wavers – 9-16-17

Higher Density Blog

First Waver

by Anastacia,   Australian Correspondent,


We are the forerunners that have been working so diligently and hard behind the scenes of humanity…the layer below.

Transmuting through our human emotions and bodies through experience and some for a while now.

Blue Rays, Indigos, Starseeds and more

We are the quiet ones (internally) that felt so much and deeply from a young age yet we were not heard and many of us went within into our own silent worlds or a world of escapism, what ever that was for each of us….to cope.

We endured so much as we were transmuting for not only ourselves but our families and humanity.


We learnt different methods that were unique for each of us to cope and many of us wore masks to ‘fit in’ and function, while deep inside we knew we were ‘different’.

Many of…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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