Awareness and Soul Mates | 2020 Spiritual Vision

Awareness and Soul Mates


There seems to be a pulse sent on potentially addressing some soul mate issues.  Let me back up a bit and say that from my perspective, we have many, although often we tend to think more on that one – as in our true life companion.  They can also be found in friends, family members, co-workers, etc.  Anyone who really get’s you, has deeply impacted or accompanies/supports/fosters your journey.

This seems to be a time of becoming more aware of those who surround us.  The roles that they have played and why.  One could say that changes are a foot and for some, they may be significant.  Because, we have changed… dramatically.

I’ve found that one will cross paths or journey with another/others based on energy/agreements/experiences/etc.  It can be brief or a lifetime.  Often others will just naturally come and go yet now, we’re in our Mastery… and it’s as if we are being asked to use our skills here and now.  One of them being, awareness.  In awareness we truly are rebuilding self and our reality verses taking action (often based on other factors that are not from our core) or, no action/waiting.  We create… change.

So while we all have soul mates and twins, a perspective I received is they can each be constructive or destructive.  As I was receiving the understanding, I smiled.  I know the value of the destructive yet let me say I didn’t in the past.  They do help us strip away, get to core issues and can trigger and awaken us like no other.  While many are looking for the constructive soul mates and twin, at times it may seem we’re surrounded by the other or, a balance of both.  All for a reason and trust that they know their role.  And it is all in love.  (Now having said this, if you’re in an abusive/toxic/dangerous situation, get out/find help/stay safe – a primal need here.)


One though can take personal (although it usually isn’t) as triggered.  Just a hint hint to pull in and discern/go deeper.  This also seems to be a time of where a constructive/destructive has shifted.  A lot like a ying-yang.  Guidance is that much is still in flux.  So more a time to journal/ponder/feel/know/breathe than to take bold action based on a thought/impulse/whim/moment.  To dig a bit deeper and see what’s really going on.  Often when we re-act, karma/the story/energy continues.  In awareness, be hold in light for the highest intention/plan to unfold.

On a particular question I was advised…  don’t make an issue as both trying to find self again.   Ahh I liked these words and with this recent cosmic alignment/reset, fitting.  So this may take time.  In the meantime, can one be… love?

Often though realities can shift quickly as the underlying issues surface.  In growth and knowing we move forward… patience and support in other moments.  And, other (not yet seen) factors may be in place – that need to come to light in our reality/experience.

I will say that this can be a time of great healing.  If nothing else, for self.  Opportunities to reconnect and be honest.  Possibly barely all as one might realize you have nothing to lose… and potentially much to gain.  Another may or may not be ready for this and one might be surprised what does unfold in time/space.  Give another the gift of some time/space.  And another may be ready – to consciously choose a higher plan… in grace verses drama.

Keep an open mind/heart/door my loves and let it flow.  Enough for now, in joy and ❤ .



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Source: Awareness and Soul Mates | 2020 Spiritual Vision

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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