Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Expectations – victoriacochrane44

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Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Expectations

All in the Universe is given; there is no expectation from God in the giving. He gives everything He has to you willingly and freely, with no expectation of return. God the Creator is unconditional love and love just is, so all that is available to you is as a matter of course and is your Divine right.

When you give of yourself freely, with no expectation of anything in return, you are trusting in Creator’s love. You are trusting that the bounty of the Universe will be returned to you in due course, because the law of giving and receiving requires it. If nothing is returned to you it is a sign that you hold expectation. The presence of expectation signifies the absence of trust and is a trait of the ego which expects reward for service to others. The universe gives freely, so to receive the abundance of the universe you must also be willing to give of yourself and your love freely, without expectation of reward or recognition.

An exchange of energy is only required when the service given is of a business nature or is conducted at the request of the recipient. Even then, it is up to the giver to determine whether they wish to receive payment and how much they would be satisfied with. Another time energy exchange is required is if the service provider feels that their energy is not being received in the spirit that it been has given. If one feels out of balance when one gives of their energy willingly, an exchange of some sort will help to regain the status quo. Gratitude is, of itself, a gift and a reward and is a major driving force of the law of abundance. All will be returned to you when you trust that it will be and are grateful for that which you already have, as little or as much as that is. Let it go and trust; it is that simple.

You may ask how it is that so much is available to you yet your pleas to me or the Universe seem to go unheard and your circumstances remain unchanged. There are many reasons that this may be, but the most common reason is lack of belief; in God, in luck, in yourself, that things can ever change or even in the spiritual world itself. When one lacks belief the prayer going out is compromised and the unspoken message is heard much louder than the one that was voiced, because underneath it all is an expectation that what you ask for will not eventuate. Expectation of failure will reap just that! It is also important to know that, if you are asking for change or healing for another that they must give their permission for you to do so, otherwise the delivery of the request will impact upon you in a less that positive way.

The path you are on right now may seem harsh or hopeless right now, yet you must reflect on the lessons it is teaching you and whether you are listening to or learning from them. You must also be conscious of the vibration you are emitting to the world around you and whether you are perpetuating your current situation through your thoughts, words and deeds. Change your thoughts and intentions and you have the power to change your reality.

So, before you pray for your circumstances to be changed, whether it be your health, finances, family situation, homelessness or anything else, check your belief system. Do you believe that what you ask for is possible? Do you love and accept yourself unconditionally or enough to feel deserving of a healing or a gift from the universe? Do you expect failure or conditions to be attached to the delivery of your request? Do you have faith and trust that the angels, I the Creator or the Universe in general hears you and is only waiting for you to ask?

All will be given, as is the nature of the Universe, in Divine timing and in the vibration in which it was asked for. Trust that you have what you need to have in this moment and be grateful, as gratitude will open up your channel to the Universe that you are ready and willing to receive. Be clear in your intentions and pray with clarity and with gratitude. Remember to ask that it comes in the highest and best way for all and then let go of the outcome.

It will be so.

I AM the Creator of All That Is

Source: Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Expectations – victoriacochrane44

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