Nikki Colombo @ In5D – Transcend Into Unity Consciousness – 8-3-17

Higher Density Blog

Unity Consciousness

by Nikki Colombo,Editor – Contact Online Magazine
Guest writer,

Are you still in polarity consciousness? Here’s how you can tell and what to do about it!

Lets go back in time. When we look back to our history it is filled with influential personalities that ignited our world. Take Lucifer for example, portrayed as the ARCHitect in The Matrix Movies, in Ancient Texts it states that he wanted to experiment with free will.

Let’s go back further, what about Set From Egypt (also known as Lucifer) and further still Enlil and Enki.  Are you still trying to workout who’s good and bad between those Anunnaki brothers?

What about the Reptilian god Anu ? Is he a bad ass?

Without theses guys we wouldn’t be here. These are the perceived forces of dark. The black void, the place of antimatter, the place where everything comes from before manifesting into this…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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