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It’s Alright

July 30, 2017 3 Comments

Art by Maria Chambers

If you find yourself in a situation, a relationship or a job that just doesn’t feel right, it’s alright.  But just be aware that you may be trying to convince yourself that you are there for ‘greater’ reasons.  That you are still working out issues.  That your soul wants you to experience something there.

The mind is a master of its own.  It is a master of deceit.  It will convince us that something is much more wonderful than it is, or that there is something we need to do there on a grander level.  It will even pull in spiritual concepts to support the justification.

It will tell you that you are still learning things about yourself in the relationship.  Or that the job that’s robbing your soul is good for you.  That you are there in service to others,  or that you have no choice because this is a planet in which one needs to work to survive.

Or the mind may even convince you that you are truly enjoying the experience.  I hear that from people all the time, yet I am not convinced.  They say the words, but their life and body do not reflect that joy.

And it’s not that there has to be a sudden divorce, or split up or quitting of a job.  Not at all.  But there does come a time when the self deceit has to end.  To at least be honest with oneself.  But that self honesty is frightening because it then means that changes must be made eventually.

There is fear.  Fear of change.  Of how we will feel without the job or person.  How will they feel?  We fear the feelings of being alone, of perhaps not being able to provide for ourselves.  Perhaps we fear hurting another.

All valid arguments for staying.

And I have learned that it’s ok to know your true feelings about these situations, that they are no longer serving your health and well-being, and also give yourself permission to stay.  And in that giving yourself permission, something happens.  You begin to trust that it’s ok to move on.

But the first step is to recognize that it may be getting to be that time.  That you have outgrown the situation.  That you are a different person now.

The first step is to realize that everyone is creating their own version of reality.  That others are also bringing to them these experiences,  that no one is a victim.

And only you know how you feel, and how the situation is affecting you.  Whether it is draining your energy, or enriching you.

Art by Maria Chambers


It’s  a dicey time for many of us because we are tenatious about our freedom.  We are willing to do just about anything for that freedom.  Yet we are still a bit unsure of what that means exactly.  So it’s natural to want to hang onto the familiar.

We tend to cling to comfort zones.  And the mind is an ancient comfort zone.

It wants to trust in this soul, this eternal self.  It really does.  And why not?  It’s certainly tired of trying to figure things out on its own,  and it’s not doing such a great job of figuring things out when it comes to health, finances or the embodied enlightenment.

But that’s a bitter pill to swallow, isn’t it?  After all, it’s been commander-in-chief of our life for so long.  It’s worked long and hard, devoted itself to, struggled through so many challenges, physical, mental, and emotional.

To feel like it didn’t do what it set out to do, after all that time and effort, feels like failure.  How can it justify that to itself?  Talk about cognitive dissonance!!!

And in a world in which the mind is the center of everything.  It’s been our foundation.  To tear at that foundation is fear-provoking.  And that’s exactly what this transformation is doing. It’s  tearing at the foundation.

We thought we could trust in the mind to deliver to us our needs and our desires.  We thought we could rely upon our mind to bring us joy.  But again, it really hasn’t been that successful.  And that’s OK.  Life has nothing to do with success or failure.  Those are man-made, mind-made judgements.

To our eternal self, it’s all just experience.

Having said that, it feels good to accomplish things.  It is delicious to create things from our imagination.  We all have done that.  We have been working with our soul to create, but it’s been rather minimally for the most part.  What we could be experiencing is so much more.

And that’s what is unfolding.  Starting with how we feel.  We are beginning to feel in a way we never did before.  We are feeling and breathing with our soul now.

And when we are not, we feel it profoundly.  That discrepancy is more in our face.  We can’t get away with pretending that it’s OK to endure circumstances that are not joyful.

Somehow, just enough isn’t enough anymore.  We don’t want to settle.  And, actually when I say we, I mean both the human and the soul.  And the soul will not settle.  And that’s also creating some reluctance because the human has become adept at settling in life.

So, it’s really OK.  Really, all our problems are just an illusion.  Yet they certainly feel real.  We have the scars to prove it.  Our mind will be the first to tell us and anyone who will listen.

But we are awakened now enough to know what is real.  And we are far enough along to know when we are kidding ourselves.  And…it’s alright.

Enjoy my song, It’s Alright


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