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Ascension And The New Psychology

July 1, 2017 16 Comments

Note:  Please read the disclaimer at the end of this article.

Art by Maria Chambers

As we awaken we realize more and more that those who once determined we were not ‘normal’ are now having to face the reality that they are the ones who need help.  The table have most certainly turned.

Most people haven’t a clue what their soul is, or that they are more than just their human personality and their mind.  They are not aware then of their multidimensional selves.  If someone shows up with more than one personality they are labeled schizophrenic.  Granted some people have a deep imbalance and they do use that as a coping mechanism, but we all have been conditioned to remain within clearly defined behaviors.  That we are a singular personality without a soul and all its aspects.

And for the most part, we have been conditioned to suppress our emotions.  If that were not so, there wouldn’t be such an epidemic of people taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.  Again, there are a few exceptions in which these drugs are administered to keep someone from harming themselves and others, but even that should be in the short-term.  And now as the Christ Consciousness is present here on the planet, its light is shining brightly upon those emotions that people have kept buried for a long, long time.  The parts of them that they had denied.  So it’s no surprise that the escalation of these types of medications has resulted.  Because acknowledging and accepting these emotions is not something that people do well.


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I was talking to a woman  who has been taking anti-anxiety medication now for eight years.  She knows she needs to cut back because she is experiencing symptoms and she says she doesn’t feel like ‘herself.’  When she told her psychiatrist he said he doesn’t recommend it.  At that point I felt angry, which I don’t usually feel.  I also noticed that when I talk to this woman I become more animated and much more expressive of my own emotions.  What is happening is I am feeling into her suppressed emotions.

And as we spoke she revealed that her marriage was to someone who abused her emotionally.  she had a history of such relationships, and she claimed she began the medications because she had an uncontrollable nervous reaction to diet supplements eight years ago.

The denial is obvious.  Clearly she is not ready to face her situation and her real emotions.  I look at her and see someone who is a prisoner of her mind.

And yes, we all were trapped in our minds up until we initiated our awakening.  And we realized that getting out of our mind wasn’t going to happen using our mind to do it.  Those of us in the forefront of ascnsion are at a critical place in which we are beginning to trust in our god self to create our joy, and so it becomes imperative to not allow anything to interfere with this process.  And unfortunately these drugs do interfere, because they keep us stuck in our mind.  The drug masks the emotions, so that we end up feeling very little…we end up disconnecting from ourself.  And residing in a ‘no man’s land.’

Taking these drugs leaves little hope of accessing the important emotions that need to be expressed and healed. Granted many of these emotions are what we have inherited and we are picking up from mass consciousness, but suppressing them leads to more problems.

The good news is we are becoming more adept at allowing the darker emotions while also acknowledging our I AM.  We are among the very few on the planet who are learning to work with all the emotions.

There is the argument that in some cases drugs are needed to address the chemical imbalance in the brain, which is believed to cause emotional imbalance. It’s the other way around, the chemical imbalance is caused by the emotional one. Along with this band-aid type solution there has been, over the past three decades, a huge movement to think positive, which, like the original religion, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. The ultimate goal is to feel good, yes, at which point the law of attraction will bring more good feeling experiences to us, but to paste ‘positive thoughts’ over a feeling of anger or depression is not the way there. (just as sedating feelings with drugs). It’s like putting a lid on a pot of boiling water, and expecting it to stop boiling while the flame is still on. If unattended it will boil over and possibly do some serious damage.

And the side effects of these medications, some quite serious, are the mind, body and soul trying to get the message across that medicating the mind is not the answer!


Before your awakening you existed in a prison cell.  You became accustomed to living your life within the confines of those walls, and just worked at making thatface-1247955_1920 prison more comfortable.  You could re-decorate, bring in some new things, re-paint the walls.  All of which gave you the illusion that you were improving your life.  The human takes classes in behavior modification, how to become more assertive, how to create abundance, better health and better relationships.

But nothing really changes much, because at the end of the day, you are still in prison.  And getting out of that prison required a radical shift, in which the human had to lose control.  They had to let go of the mind’s control of their life.  They had to move from the mind to the heart.

Taking medications that suppress emotions is like trying to break out of prison by double locking the cell doors.  Now when you are allowed out for recreation and food, you don’t even want to participate in that.  You just end up staying in your cell.  You are not depressed.  You are not angry.  You are not filled with joy either.  You are in a mental coma.


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For the most part, psychology and psychiatry do not recognize the ascension process.    Generally speaking practitioners are in a belief system that supports the mind as the core of our consciousness. It does not acknowledge the soul, the I AM, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and the aspects from this and past lives. Nor does it understand the true nature of consciousness.  Some important concepts have been laid down by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, but we need to pick up where they left off.  The timing is perfect now.

Freud did some groundbreaking work in human psychology. But he left the planet feeling that he did not take it far enough. He understood the soul level of the human being but at that time he felt that such a concept would be met with great resistance by his peers and by the psychiatric community. But this is a new time. We are expanding into our multidimensional nature. This is not reversible. We wanted this expansion, this awareness. So psychology now needs to catch up. Now more than ever, we need new energy psychiatrists and psychologists and counselors, those who are awakening. Just as Freud and Jung were groundbreaking in their concepts, so are we now. We are the pioneers of new consciousness and new psychology. We are here to share our wisdom and experience. Not to settle for old worn-out methods and modalities. We now can see the patient as whole and complete, not as a broken being. That is a major shift in itself.

We don’t need to be psychologists ourselves, but we will be inspiring those in the field by our energies, and our sharing of our own life-experiences.

If humanity believes they are just their bodies and their personalities, If they believe they are on only one timeline, living only one life, if they don’t believe in their multidimensional nature, they will be relegated to a ‘Groundhog Day’ existence. Repeating the same problems and issues and dynamics over and over again.  We on the forefront of the transformation understand that the emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness and anger are generated from the mind.  And that it is imperative to accept all of the emotions, and to learn how to work with them, not to run from them.

To break through the limitations of the mind, psychology needs to acknowledge our multidimensional nature, that we are refined beings of light having a very human experience. The new psychology will help people to accept all their feelings without judgement, and to understand them on a soul level. Further that they are here playing a role, in this dimension, for the experience on a soul level.

While it is true that the state of psychology and psychiatry is just a reflection of where the mass consciousness is at, there is a growing need for new consciousness psychologists and others in the field working with those suffering emotionally.

Note:  This article is not meant to take the place of medical advice.  If you are considering cutting back or going off medications it is imperative to consult your doctor and have them monitor your process.

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Courtesy of roseramblesdotorg

LOVE Prevails ~ Enter The World of Heart ~ June 30, 2017

By Lauren C. Gorgo, 06/29/2017

Happy summer (!)…winter to those down south..and good heavens (literally) what. a. season. awaits. Confounding to think that we are already entering the second half of the year…it feels like forever and yet a night since we entered this universal 1 vibration, and now here we are, mid-pivot thru another major turning point, another grand completion.

We spent the majority of this month engulfed in the Pentecostal fires , burning off the residual dross from our causal life, including the crucifixion/resurrection journey to arrive here…transmuting some very old cell memories associated with the expiring (karmic) template….all this in preparation for another season of radically accelerated change.

As these sacred fires build within us they continue to clear the records of the past stored in our flesh…the cellular imprints/emotional impressions from lifetimes and lineages that are no longer needed are being painstakingly deleted from our DNA (via life initiations that make this release possible) even as we anchor our new templates for new life experience.

We’re at the point where “thinking with your Heart” is no longer optional.

Because of the release of so much cellular memory mimicking our past…it’s amazing/disturbing just HOW much the body holds…it may have felt like you were once again reliving some really old shit…lifetimes old…to the point that it was confusing to be back “here again” after not having been here for months.  But when you’re “in it”, you’re in it, and even tho technically we weren’t in it at all…just finalizing it…it is difficult to see outside of it nonetheless.

The good news is that, if/when you fully surrender to it…if/when you allow yourself to really feel the discomfort of whatever it is you have been resisting for multiple incarnations…acquiesce to that unfathomably deeep level of letting go that is required to release the gravity that we have been dragging around since the fall of man…then moving forward you will be afforded the ability to rebuild at the ground level, based on the full Truth of who you now Know you are.

Any remaining tears we found in the fabric of our lives since the equinox we must once again stitch with the threads of authenticity in order to weave an accurately reflective youniverse for ourcellves, based on our new/true coordinates, which will ultimately create a world we truly want to live in…a world of Heart.

This is why we are here, forging a physical ascension for the planet…we are the frequency of the future, embodied in the present, rewriting the past. We hold the vibration (blueprint) of the new world in our purified Hearts and so WE are those who must first bring that world into being.

To accomplish this, to truly bring our ascension home requires a grand completion of the first (human) level of the game, “the ultimate surrender” (the final death of our karmic past)…to let go of every last burden (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) that keeps us weighted to duality, preventing us from moving fully into our true exalted state.  To wipe the slate (karmic template) clean is a tremendous effort…but once we do, we will find ourselves poised and ready to reassemble…based on our true divine template…as if our life in duality never existed in the first place.

This release from the causal world is/will be a different timeline for each of us, and it is so important that we stay true to our own unique pat, but together we’ve already collectively established an unimaginable new potential for ALL of us. For some, the preliminary work is completing, the last of the puzzle pieces coming into plain view which means a shift in focus is on tap as we are called to greater life experience.

The first two seasons of this (universal 1) year provided us with a very thorough integration of karmic “lessons” with many mastery initiation tests at the physical level of life.  This was needed to culminate the last 9 years of learning/expansion, to bring those lessons “down to earth”, to synthesise that growth into real life experience so that we could effectively see-feel-touch our manifestations of the last cycle in order to open the pathways of the new cycle. It’s been a bit of a brutal amalgamation for those at the fore, but it served to bring SO much of our past to a head, to clear so much space in our bodies & lives for what’s next. (think: next eclipse cycle)

And so, we finish the last of this month in a sacred pause, still gathering our inner resources in quiet preparation for a very changing season ahead. Before we begin any new excursion we must withdraw from the world around us in order to consolidate our life force, to center our energy and stabilize. This is where many of us are now and have been for a while…in the mother (literally) of all voids.

As we reconnect to ourSelves at an even deeper/higher level, we will begin yet another new chapter of life experience…this time without the heavy layer of fear that has permeated our existence since antiquity.

The solstice-new moon in Cancer was a very significant marker point for this major ending/beginning but after such an intense month of eradication, we still need time to realign and regroup before we can turn outward again.  When we do, the new/next level journey of remembering our original creations in form will open to us as the introduction phase into divine level creation begins on earth.

Now that we Know how high we can truly fly, it’s time to find our new feet and learn to walk again.

Even if on water.  ©As LOVE, Inc. 2017 All rights reserved.

Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.


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